Jesus of Malibu

Jesus of Malibu

The film follows the characters Jesus and Mindy on their searches for truth. Their quests take them across the U.S. into the desert, where their worlds intertwine, and together they embark on a journey to find a way to change … Continue reading

Heading west

After 5 years of preparation, Billy and Anais relinquished their comfortable lives, sold and gave away most of their possessions and headed west into the desert to make their film trilogy Jesus of Malibu.


The Yeagers’ 1970 14 foot trailer in which they lived for 4 years.


For 4 years, they filmed and lived in ghost towns, Indian ruins, and BLM land.

Billy and Anais Yeager in Two Guns, Arizona

Two Guns, Arizona.


The Yeagers wrote, produced, directed, acted and composed the film’s soundtrack, completing Jesus of Malibu all by themselves with no money or even a one person film crew.


Death Valley, California.


They also used objects they found alongside the road, in abandoned sites and buildings and in ghost towns to make many of the film props and film sets.



Revolution for the Freedom of the Mind.

William “Billy” and Anais Yeager had the same desire, to use their talents to create a transcendental film, one that would raise the conscious awareness of humanity and change the world.

jesus of malibu margaux lopis

Artwork by Margaux Lopis