Preparation for Jesus of Malibu

Billy and Anais spent 5 years preparing themselves for the filming of Jesus of Malibu, adhering to an intense body, mind, and spiritual training regimen.

During this period they would get up before sunrise to sungaze; they would also fast regularly while reading and studying hundreds of books and subjects.

Some of their studies included history, philosophy, the major world religions, spiritual teachings, parapsychology, ethics, morals, chanting, vibration, corruption (corporations, government, media, entertainment industry), mind control, awakening consciousness, the ocean, alchemy, the tree of life, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, Civil Rights, the truth behind copyrights and patents, the Federal Reserve, the gold standard, science, electromagnetic fields, earth shifts, sacred geometry, bioenergy, Tesla, Albert Schweitzer, Einstein, Thomas Paine, Edgar Cayce, Emanuel Swedenborg, Kriya Yoga, etc.

Billy conducted many experiments, focusing on mind experiments.